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Merry go round @ night

Merry go round @ night, originally uploaded by Mithun Kundu.

This shot was taken from our hotel room @ Murdeswar beach North Karnataka, India.
We were extremely lucky to have experienced a beach side fair.And a merry go round @ night with dark background. The atmosphere was amazing.

Apparture F/5
Shutter Speed 1/15


Kalyana Mandapa – Vijay Vittal Temple

Royal Marriage & Ceremony used to happen here.

Gorgeous architecture.

Musical Fountain at Tungavadra Dam

In the front of the temple is the famous stone chariot or ratha. This is itself a miniature temple, carved out of a single rock, to resemble the temple chariots or rathas in which temple idols are traditionally taken out in procession.

Lotus Mahal

Lotus Mahal, originally uploaded by Mithun Kundu.

Lotus Mahal

A palace for the queen that has, among other things, pipes with running water. A construction of the later Vijayanagara period, this structure shows Islamic influence in its arched gateways and vaulted ceilings; its construction entirely in stone is a clear deviation from conventional Vijayanagara palace and house construction that used wooden structures on stone platforms.

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